Our History

History of innovation

From our earliest days, our goal has been to reduce the burden of debilitating cardiac rhythm disorders. This tradition began in 1960 when we linked with cardiologists at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands to develop one of the world’s first implantable pacemakers. Since then we have flourished by ceaselessly striving for greater reliability, better service and higher quality. Through our commitment to innovation, we now have an extensive patent portfolio.

Year Innovation
2010 New G & E series
2005 4th digital release: Vitatron C-series
2004 Vitatron T-series digital pacemaker system
2004 Vitatron C-series 2nd generation digital pacemaker system
2003 Vitatron goes digital: the world’s first fully digital pacemaker (Vitatron C-series)
1997 Vitatron's AF-initiative: first upgradeable pacemaker system with dedicated AF diagnostics, rate and rhythm control therapy
1988 Daily learn algorithm (Rhythmyx)
1984 Quintech DDD with automatic upper-rate behaviour
1982 Rate-responsive pacemaker (TX1)
1981 Microprocessor-driven, software-based pacemaker (DPG1)
1962 First implantable pacemaker

Where it all began…

Vitatron founder: Mr. A. Eikmans