Company Profile

Vitatron – The pacemakers

Vitatron is a European based international pacemaker company with a rich history. We started in 1956, implanting our first pacemaker in 1962. Since that day, Vitatron pacemakers have helped more than 1 million people. We blend our rich history as a specialist with active physician partnerships.

Physicians' knowledge and needs are an invaluable source in our continuous efforts to deliver patient-focused therapies for the treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders: Bradycardia and Atrial Fibrillation. Our unique approach to product development yields fast, easy and innovative pacing therapies and diagnostics that adapt to the patient’s individual physiological needs.

We passionately strive for efficient perfection, realizing better results, less physical burden and time-saving pacemaker follow-ups, all resulting in lower costs for healthcare.

Skater - MRI SureScan pacemaker system