Your Pacemaker

How Is It Programmed?

The Programmer

A programmer is a specialized computer used to monitor and adjust the pacemaker. The programmer is kept in a hospital or clinic. A nurse or doctor uses this specialized computer to see how the pacemaker is working and if necessary, to adjust the settings of a pacemaker. During follow-up visit, or during a hospital stay, a doctor or nurse may place the programming head of the programmer over the implanted device. This allows the programmer to:

  • Receive information from your pacemaker
    The information received from the device shows how your device and your heart have been working. Based on this information, the doctor or the nurse may want to adjust the therapy.
  • Send instructions to your pacemaker
    When the therapy needs to be changed, the nurse or doctor can send the new instructions to the implanted pacemaker – without any surgery.


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Vitatron 2090 Programmer

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