Vitatron T Series

Right on Target

From the full picture of your patient to a targeted approach to therapy. Vitatron T-series is designed to do just that. A straightforward way to assess patients suffering from bradycardia and AF.

  • Direct Access: Minor details can have major consequences. With Vitatron T-series you focus on the essential information first
  • Direct Insight: With Therapy Advisor you cannot overlook important patient information
  • Direct Action: Based on the diagnostics and guided by Therapy Advisor you can simply select your optimal therapy solution.

Direct Access

Simply faster follow-up

For at least 80% of your follow-ups Cardiac Dashboard says it all. The central screen of the new Cardiac dashboard gives a complete overview of your patient. From here you can easily zoom in on all details necessary.

All diagnostics active, always

All diagnostics are automatically active after implantation. You have all the pacemaker information you need during the follow-up. And there is hardly any energy loss for having all diagnostics switched on.

Just interrogate once

Within 19 seconds, you have access to all diagnostic information.

Direct Insight

Therapy Advisor: Clear directions for optimal therapy

The experiences of more than 360 physicians during 4650 follow-ups have contributed to the latest version of Therapy Advisor.*

Atrial and ventricular triggers: Capture arrhythmias better

You can activate the following triggers simultaneously:

  • Atrial high rates
  • Ventricular high rates or VV-irregularity
  • Patient-activated event recording

More memory: up to seven minutes of EGM recording
In single chamber modes you can store up to 25 minutes of EGM recordings, and in dual chamber modes up to seven minutes, with virtually no longevity loss.

Complete patient history of six follow-ups

Direct Action

Start pacing less with Refined Ventricular Pacing (RVP)

RVP reduces unnecessary ventricular pacing by extending the AV delay and actively searching for intrinsic AV conduction

Beat-to-Beat Mode Switching: Immediate response within one beat

The industry's fastest mode switch acts on a beat-to-beat basis, preventing palpitations and preserving a stable ventricular rate. It responds immediately to detection of the first pathological beat and immediately restores AV synchrony using Atrial Synchronization Pacing (ASP)

Proven AF preventive pacing

A broad range of preventive pacing algorithms to stop AF from starting. These unique therapies are specifically designed to react to the AF onset mechanism of individual patients.


Vitatron T70/T60 Specifications
Vitatron T20 Specifications
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