Vitatron C Series


Vitatron C-series provides a fast, easy follow up.

  • Fast pacemaker interrogation
  • All pacemaker diagnostics interpreted and quickly summarized
  • All settings can be reprogrammed in less than 2 seconds


Vitatron C-series is the world's first pacemaker with Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

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  • Improved diagnostic accuracy with 800 Hz sampling frequency
  • Reliable and stable digital signals
  • High quality on – screen intracardiac electrograms (IEGM)


The new digital platform offers clinicians the confidence of optimal therapy, expanded diagnostics and fast, easy follow up

  • Optimize pacemaker therapy
  • Minimize patient symptoms
  • Streamline follow-up with Therapy Advisor


Vitatron C70/C60/C50 Specifications
Vitatron C20/C10 Specifications
Vitatron C-series Reference Guide PDF